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Order process

Dear customers, welcome to our company website
Here are the steps for ordering the product, hoping to help you.
(see picture)

1, customers browse the company's website on the product image, which have the intention to do a kind of effect, or on the website of the picture is not suitable for you want effect, please contact our customer service staff, and the effect and the customer service staff to communicate with you!
Two: (confirmation process)

1 design style. Please help to design elements that you want to do, or have a design full effect diagram to our customer service, customer service staff will be based on the results you want, and for you to send some of the same technology for your reference.

2 see the real sample. If your company on the picture can't understand or is unable to see the quality, want to see the real kind of, please and company customer service staff to arrange time to my factory to look like, such as inconvenient to the factory, I will send the company business personnel on-site service

3 quotation. After the confirmation of the style, please give us the quantity and size of the company (or the size of our proposal), and the request of the badge to tell us, or the description of our company's proposal and request, the company will be based on the specific requirements of the quotation, as well as the production cycle to inform.
Three (signed contract)

1 electronic communication. Above the two sides to communicate without any mistake, we will first provide a copy of the electronic contract to you, after you confirmed that the Secretary will be the relevant personnel after the signature and seal, in accordance with the way of fax to you.

2. The original of the contract: if your company needs the original words, please first according to the electronic version of the communication is correct, I will send a courier or business door send pieces of door

3 performance of the contract. The contract is completed by the two parties to perform the contract.
Four: (complete delivery)

1, our products do not provide retail services, please forgive.
2, if the product is damaged or the quality of the sample specification does not match, the division is responsible for free exchange.
3, a general stamping badge each place an order of 5000 medals can be free of mold cost.
Maguchi Tetsuaki once reached 20000 place an order can be free of charge on printing.


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